Hi, I'm Josh, a product designer and developer based in the South of England.

If you want to contact me, you can email me at, or find me on LinkedIn.

I graduated from Bournemouth University in 2016 with a BA(hons) Product Design degree.

I have experience working in a Product Design consultancy focusing on designing and developing for injection moulding and successfully launched products into production.

Having worked from liasing directly with clients to create an inital design specification and working through concept generation, design development and design for manufacture and tooling, I have gained experience and confidence in the full design process.

I also have experience as a Design Engineer in the automotive trailer industry, designing trailers starting from 2 axles capable of carrying 19 tons, all the way up to 5 axle extendible trailers with a total payload capacity of 85 tons. I have experience designing for fabrication with mild steel, as well as pressed steel parts and components.

In my own time, I have taught myself and continue to learn the skills required for web development. I have learnt semantic HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. I have used these skills to build this website as well as multiple internal use websites for my current employer, connecting to our database system to display useful information in a clear and human readable way.

Outside of the world of design and technology, I love making music. I've been playing guitar since around 2004 and have found it to be one of the most relaxing and rewarding hobbies I ever could have taken up. I also love walking, going out with my wife (and a picnic, of course!) to explore somewhere new and take in the beautiful countryside that we are lucky enough to have right on our doorstep.

  • Product Design

    From briefs to concept generation and design for manufacture, I design products to meet clients requirements and production best practices.

  • User centred design

    I put users first. Creating great, intuitive experiences through product design is what I love doing. It's important never to forget who we are designing for and focus on their needs.

  • Frontend design

    Up to now I have been completely self taught, I hand code web sites using HTML, CSS and Javscript. Having learnt 'vanilla' web standard languages I then decided to focus on new technologies and therefore, built this site using React.

  • Product Development

    From an idea or presentation sketch, I can develop products into a prototype ready design for user testing and marketing, as well as using my extensive experience and knowledge in Solidworks to generate photorealistic 3D models and images.

  • Design for manufacture

    I can generate DFM reports and redesign all components within a product to be suitable for production. I specialise and have experience with designing for plastic injection moulding.