Launching my first website (I’m an author now!)

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I’ve got CSS-Tricks to thank for helping me learn so many of the skills I needed to build my first website, and now I’ve been able to give something back by having my very first article published on their site!

It’s not a guide that I’ve written, but more a story of the steps I had to go through including the successes and troubles I had navigating this new industry.

I wrote the article and had great feedback from both Chris, who runs CSS-Tricks, and Geoff Graham, the lead editor of site.

It was a really brilliant experience working with an editor, discussing how to make the article read better and get across the message I wanted to.

I hope that the article will help others who are either new to web development, or people who are considering building their own little space on the internet.

It’s not an easy journey, but it’s achievable with a little hard work and determination.

Have a read of my article anyway, hopefully it’ll help you or someone you know start their own journey!

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