My First Todo App

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Writing a todo app seems like a pretty common thing to do when learning a new programming language, so here’s my cliche todo app!

It’s not all bells and whilstles, but it works I think. Usually people will write these to learn new concepts, but most of the concepts I’ve already learnt whilst designing this site.

However, I’ve never tried to write a todo app, so there were certain UI features that I had to work out.

It works best on desktop (for some fancy-ish :hover events), but it’ll work on mobiles too.. although admittedly I haven’t been able to test it on other devices apart from mine!

Currently the placeholder items are explaining desktop usage, I’ll update it when I can for small screen users too!


Direct Link

Here's the initial design I came up with after building the general logic. The non styled version is the grey one at the top:

Design exploration for todo app